sexta-feira, 11 de junho de 2010

Ubuntu Maverick development updates

For last 2 hours, I dug through all the mails from ubuntu mailing lists, esp the announcements related to development, recalled many changes which I heard in last week or two and penned them down.
  • Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat Alpha 1 released with Linux Kernel 2.6.34-5  #
  • Ubuntu sparc and IA64 ports are candidates for decommissioning unless someone comes up to take the responsibility of maintaining it. #
  • Maverick won’t run on processors below i686 #
  • DebianImportFreeze on June 24th, Alpha 2 will come on July 1st #
  • On Alpha 1 alternate, creation of encrypted /home is broken #
  • Shotwell replaces F-Spot as Image organizer #
  • Daniel Holbach invites everyone for Operation Cleansweep. It aims to bring down bugs with patches down to 0(zero) by the time of Maverick release. #
  • Ubuntu User Days has been postponed till July 10th, 2010 #
  • Jono Bacon has invited interested people to come forward and take over Acire and PyJunior development #
  • Maverick rebased to Kernel 2.6.35-rc1 # # # (Status: Maverick (ogasawara) section)
  • Maverick will be getting 1.8 X Server due to which all drivers need to be rebuilt. It might break X when upgrading. Later in the cycle X will be upgraded to 1.9 #
  • Chromium is default for Ubuntu Netbook Remix #
  • Martin Pitt has a page for burn-down chart and work progress for Maverick Alpha 2 #
  • Lots of Software Center UI enhancements on the way #
  • Next Ubuntu Hug Day targets Gnome Games to be held on June 10th. 68 New bugs, 28 Incomplete and 14 Confirmed. #
  • Aptitude has been removed. Though it is still available in repos. #

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