terça-feira, 4 de agosto de 2009

Diversity of opinions on JDK 7

JDK 7 is the next major Java release. In this post over at the editor's blog at java.net, a recent poll reveals the perception among some in the Java community with respect to this release. The voting on the question 'What's your view of the emerging JDK 7?' revealed the following:
* 10.4% (51 votes) - It's a major step forward
* 30.3% (148 votes) - It includes some important features
* 16.3% (80 votes) - It's a typical JDK release
* 41.5% (203 votes) - The most significant problems are not addressed
* 1.2% (6 votes) - Other
Beside this vote, the poll also gathered more open ended responses in regards to JDK 7 which also show a wide diversity of opinions on this release.

Read the entire post entitled 'Poll Reveals Diversity of Opinions on JDK 7', here.

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